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Cranbrook Institute of Science is a natural history and science museum that fosters in its audiences a passion for understanding the world around them and a lifelong love of learning. Through its broadly based educational programs, its permanent and changing exhibits and its collections and research, the Institute develops a scientifically literate public able to cope with today's knowledge-based society. Moreover, Cranbrook Institute of Science generates the enthusiasm for learning about the natural world that will produce the scientists of tomorrow.
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Cranbrook Institute of Science
39221 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Ph 248.645.3223
Fx 248.645.3050

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Thanks for stopping by my site Kimberly. I took a quick peak at your site, like your food waste Friday post! It's denieitfly a challenge, in my opinion, to eat clean and not cheat and be consistent with working out ..especially when you have a family. I'm currently struggling with getting to the gym, but I made a goal to at least go 3 times per week and nothing less.


"上等人"? Haha...nah, you've got to be kidding! I rusefe to go under with or without Chinese DNA! I went on a 8-night cruise to Mexico. It was a lot of fun. I still feel like I am floating on water."The Chinese in America" is a must read for all Chinese living in America. Space, you must read quite a bit of conspiracy theory about the U.S. Yes, I heard the CIA theory too, also if you believe it, I heard she may have been killed by Japanese right wingers. Anyway what a loss. exile

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