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Cranbrook Institute of Science is a natural history and science museum that fosters in its audiences a passion for understanding the world around them and a lifelong love of learning. Through its broadly based educational programs, its permanent and changing exhibits and its collections and research, the Institute develops a scientifically literate public able to cope with today's knowledge-based society. Moreover, Cranbrook Institute of Science generates the enthusiasm for learning about the natural world that will produce the scientists of tomorrow.
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Cranbrook Institute of Science
39221 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Ph 248.645.3223
Fx 248.645.3050

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Is this white flower a lilly.Thank you all for the Mother's day card,I had a wounrefdl day. Pops took me out for dinner and the rest of the family here joined us. We all went to the Outback steakhouse, the meal great.Love, Nana :)


Nick,You can find most plant’s latin names in encyclopedias and on the web. Even Wikipedia has some info on creiatn plants. If you’re looking for fictional names, you’d have to come up with those on your own. The names I create for plants are based on the physical appearance and roles of the plant. I hope this answers your question.


Why should we wait for such desastir to first get to us yet we have the ability and resources to stop it. NEMA should be an independent authority with out political interference here i mean to be liberal. Some of us are ready to offer free services to sensitise people all over the country over how to use the available energy sustantably with out compromising with the future use but NEMA through its DEOs they are not minding rather they concertrate on political matters insteady of environment matters. We initiated a project of making charcoal Briquettes in one of the Districts that is Ibanda and energy saving stoves as well as encouraging them to plant trees but the DEO insteady discouraged us insteady of even robbing for financial surport. Let us act.


Hi guys, We love your website and I just want to find out some so I wdoenred if you could help me?.My brother and I are going to purchase some new plants to grow from seed so we need to know some please can you help?Bye

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