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Cranbrook Institute of Science is a natural history and science museum that fosters in its audiences a passion for understanding the world around them and a lifelong love of learning. Through its broadly based educational programs, its permanent and changing exhibits and its collections and research, the Institute develops a scientifically literate public able to cope with today's knowledge-based society. Moreover, Cranbrook Institute of Science generates the enthusiasm for learning about the natural world that will produce the scientists of tomorrow.
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Cranbrook Institute of Science
39221 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Ph 248.645.3223
Fx 248.645.3050

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Some nice kernels of wdoism. However, you can Embrace revisions , except when the agency waits a week before giving them to you (though the deadline hasnt moved), and they contradict the last round of revisions they gave you. Clients hire artists (hopefully) for their expertise in their field, and although they are paying the bills, there needs to be a level of trust that the vendor knows what he or she is doing. Id like to know the real scoop on how motion designers REALLY feel and respond when dealing with demanding clients. OK I had a bad day ; )

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