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Cranbrook Institute of Science is a natural history and science museum that fosters in its audiences a passion for understanding the world around them and a lifelong love of learning. Through its broadly based educational programs, its permanent and changing exhibits and its collections and research, the Institute develops a scientifically literate public able to cope with today's knowledge-based society. Moreover, Cranbrook Institute of Science generates the enthusiasm for learning about the natural world that will produce the scientists of tomorrow.

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I find it incredibly coiruus that Hong-Kong Schools Speech and Music Association, China got second place; I live in Canada and that's nowhere on my top 100 results for both music+festival and music festival . Even Coachella only shows up once. That you used a different search engine for the Hong Kong respondent is my best guess why that particular festival got such a high ranking it may be a statistical outlier (Even still, I have no idea how you got that sum. 100+99 +85 != 1465).Three things worth thinking about:a. At its most basic level, a site's Google Pagerank is dictated by how many relevant sites link to them where a site is in the results is *far* more important than how many times it shows up. Arguably, if a site shows up multiple times far away from each other (I.e., if a site has multiple domain names and nobody's sure which is the correct one to link to), it might ultimately be splitting its traffic again, it's much more preferable to have a higher pagerank than multiple entries in the search results. To this end, finding some way to attribute more points to higher rankings might be an avenue to improve the accuracy of your methodology in the future. Also: each festival should only get points for the first entry in the results list.b. Your results may be very seasonally-driven — because a festival itself is a very temporal event, people will post more links the closer it is to the event itself. Or if there's a lot of negative press around the event due to, say, environmental or crime-related issues, or even/especially tragic events (I.e., Berlin last year), the pageranking will increase. c. The search phrase music festival will dictate your results quite dramatically. The other thing that dictates pagerank is keywords ( music and/or festival ; again, I don't know whether the terms were grouped). If a music festival calls themselves that (I.e., Shambhala Music Festival , Future Music Festival , T-Mobile Inmusic Festival ) and people link to them like that their pageranking for that search will likely be much higher than something like SXSW, which doesn't explicitly bill itself as a music festival. Also in non-English majority countries, did you translate the string to whatever it would be in that country's main language? Google has a tenancy to weight results depending on local relevance. Cool work regardless; I don't know why more people don't do research on music festivals, quite a cool topic. -c6.

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